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What is a Sugar Mama?

So many people are talking about sugar mamas, but not everyone really knows what a sugar mama is and what the difference is between a sugar mama and a cougar. If you’re considering becoming a sugar mama, or if you’re needing a sugar mama, it’s really important to be able to know what it is and what the difference between a sugar mama and a cougar is. Here is what exactly a sugar mama is, and all the other information that you need to be aware of, before you start dating a sugar mama, or becoming a sugar mama.

What a sugar mama really is

When you’re dating an older woman, it doesn’t mean that you’re dating a sugar mama. There’s really a big difference in dating a sugar mama.
A sugar mama is an older women that’s really rich. She is basically paying her toy boy to date her. She is the one who is paying for the date, and taking him to places what he normally can’t afford. She is also buying him expensive gifts that he normally could not afford. The toy boys that sugar mamas are looking for, are mostly young, energetic men that’s really a lot younger than the women.sugar momma
Normally, she isn’t looking for a long term relationship, and is really just looking for someone that she can spoils and take out on dates. Most of the time, they are lonely and looking for love.
However, there’s some sugar mamas that really does want to have a long term relationship and even want to have a marriage and some children. Toy boys should make sure if the sugar mama that they want to start dating, is the perfect match for them, and that she is looking for the same things in life as him.

The difference between a sugar mama and a cougar

Not many people really realize that there’s a big difference between a sugar mama and a cougar. You know now that a sugar mama is a rich, older woman that likes to date younger men, and she is paying for everything and buying him expensive gifts. A sugar mama is the one spoiling the toy boy, and he doesn’t need to have any money for spoiling her.
A cougar is a lot different. A cougar is still an older woman dating a younger man, but with the big difference that the older women aren’t rich and don’t have as much money as the sugar mama. The younger man and the older women dating, are more about attraction than about money.
There’s also a lot more cougars that’s looking for a long term relationship, and not just want to have a good time, with someone that still has a lot of energy.

Where you can find a sugar mama

If you’re wanting to find a “great sugar momma for me”, you want to know where you can find sugar mamas. You can just go to your normal nightclubs and think that you’re going to find a sugar mama there. You need to know exactly where you can find a sugar mama that will be a great match for you.
The first place where you can start looking for a sugar mama, is by going to an expensive and luxury nightclub where just the elite people hanging out. She will not go to just any nightclub, because she has the money to pay for the more expensive nightclubs.
Not many sugar mamas will go to just any bar also. Bar’s isn’t the place where older, rich women will hang out. Except, if this is a classy bar for the rich and famous. Then, you will be at the right place.
However, if you don’t want to go out to find your sugar mama, you don’t have to think that you will never be able to find your sugar mama. There’s many great and trustworthy websites, where you can also go to, to be able to search for the best sugar mama for you. Sugar mama websites, is everywhere, and no matter where in the world you’re living, you will find a website full of profiles from sugar mamas, wanting to date younger, good looking toy boys.
The only thing that you should be aware of, when you’re using the Internet to find your sugar mama, is that the website should be a legit, and trustworthy online dating site. Don’t just use any site, not everyone is legit and can’t be trusted with your personal information.

Why older women become a sugar mama

Just like there’s many reasons why a toy boy wants to start dating a sugar mama, there’s also some great reasons why a women become a sugar mama. Here’s some of the best reasons why a sugar mama, wants to start dating a toy boy, rather than dating a man their own age.

  • Younger man has lots more energy than older man, and they are so much better and fitter in the bedroom.
  • Older men, have their way of doing things in a specific way, and not every woman likes doing stuff the way their man does. Dating younger men, means that they don’t have a specific way of doing things, and is willing to change their ways to suit the older women.
  • Younger man or toy boys is a lot more fun to go out with. They will be able to keep up with any sugar mama. Normally, sugar mamas has more energy than the women with the same age. And, dating older man, means staying home more often. And not only that, there are more and more wealthy older men looking for beautiful young women on the sugar daddy dating site.

If you need a sugar mama, and want to start dating sugar mamas, you should make sure that you know everything around sugar mamas. Otherwise, you will not be able to find a sugar mama. These women have a specific needs that they want their toy boys to provide, and the sugar mamas is willing to pay for it. It’s really important to know what a sugar mama is, and what the difference between a sugar mama and a cougar is, before you can start sugar mama dating.

Top 10 Reasons for Sugar Mama Seeking Toy Boys

There’s many reasons why sugar mama’s looking for a toy boy, to spend time with her. For those who don’t exactly know what a sugar mama is; a sugar mama is a much older women that’s rich, that is dating younger men and paying for everything. There’s a great difference between a sugar mama and a cougar. If you’re thinking about becoming a sugar mama, you should want to know the best reasons for why sugar mama’s seeking toy boys. Here’s the top 10 reasons that you should know about:

1.In the bedroom

The first and best reason why sugar mamas would like to date a toy boy, is for some action in the bedroom. Normally toy boys are young and fit. They know how to keep a lady happy in the bedroom. Most of the times a sugar mama wasn’t really happy in a relationship with someone in the same age group as she, and most definitely not happy in the bedroom.
A sugar mama can rest assure that a toy boy, will be able to keep her happy in the bedroom, and will be able to perform as she likes it.

2.He has less baggage

Older woman, even those with the money, knows what it feels to date a man with a lot of baggage. Most men the same age as a sugar mama, comes with baggage, and sometimes these baggage can really be hard to handle.
This is one of the most common reasons why a sugar mama chose a toy boy. These younger men don’t have baggage and those who has some baggage, will not be as hard to handle. The problems that a younger man is normally dealing with, aren’t a problem for older, more experienced women.

3.Money to pay

The one reason why a sugar mama can choose any toy boy that she wants, is because of her money. She can buy him anything that he wants. She is the one paying for the diners, the household and even the younger man’s toys like fast cars, boats and technology. Some men will do anything for money.
This is stuff that most young people can’t afford to pay themselves, at such a young age. And, the only thing that they need to do for all these gifts and money, is to just do what she asks him to do.

4.Young guy is fun to go out with

sugar mama seeking toy boysIt’s always fun to go out with the younger man, because he is normally full of life. He knows how to give a woman a great time when they are going on dates, especially if he doesn’t need to pay for dates.
Older guys aren’t always keen on going out, and if they go on dates, most of them don’t want to stay out for a long time. They are just going out to dinner and then back home again. It’s really more fun to go out with a toy boy.

5.There’s a lifestyle difference

The main difference between a toy boy and a boyfriend, is that the boyfriend will go out with his boys rather than taking his girlfriend out on a date. With a boyfriend, you will have the extra stress of getting home late, drunk and maybe even with another girl.
With a toy boy, he would rather keep you happy and take you out to dinner than going out with the boys. This might be only for the money, but as long as you two have a great time, there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s much nicer to have someone that you know you can count on, than having someone that might be cheating on you, or don’t like taking you out on dates.

6.Don’t need any commitment

We all know that men are really afraid for commitment, and would rather run away than getting married. The one reason why a sugar mama is getting a toy boy, is because these younger boys don’t need to be scared of any commitments.
The reasons why you’re getting a toy boy, are just to have some fun. Not getting married or having children. This is a benefit for both the sugar mama and the toy boy. No one needs to be scared of any commitment requests.

7.Other side of commitment with mutual benefits

There’s two sides to the benefit of commitment. Maybe you really want to have some children, but can’t find a man that will give you children. Some toy boys will be willing and able to give anyone a child, before you can’t have children anymore.
When you’re dating a toy boy, this doesn’t mean that you will not be able to have children, if you’re really wanting a family. You just need to be honest with the man, beforehand. So, that everyone is knowing what to expect.

8.Offering him a home

Because you have the income and all the money, you will be able to provide a home for the toy boy. He won’t need to work. He can do whatever he wants during the day, while you work. And, then in the evenings he will be able to take you out, and give you everything that you need. But, with your money of course.
There’s many men out there, that isn’t really comfortable in working, or that isn’t prepared to take the responsibility to provide his family with some income. This is normally the men that will make the best toy boy.

9.He is not stuck in his own ways

Normally men that’s getting older, are really stuck in doing things his own way. He will not be willing to change how he is doing things just for his girl.
But, because you’re dating a much younger man, he didn’t get stuck in his own way, as yet. This means that you can train him to start doing things your way. And, of cause you’re paying him, so he will really do anything for you.

10.No strings attached

The one great thing about being a sugar mama, there’s no strings attached. If the relationship doesn’t work out, you can just kick him out of your home, and more on. It’s much better to end a relationship with a toy boy, than ending a relationship with a real boyfriend. It’s much easier as well, without the heartache.
These were the top 10 reasons why a sugar mama is rather seeking toy boys that going out on dates with men their age. There’s many other benefits for sugar mamas dating toy boys as well.

Date a sugar momma and enjoy the mature life

If you’re in a relationship with a woman 20 years your senior and think whether it is a good idea or even if there’s chance of a survival, most therapists would simply indicate why you are asking the same in the first place? For anyone that questions the validity of age difference between you and your partner, you already know the answer. May be you have an inner feeling of something just not right happening there. However, if you’re in a healthy relationship in which the needs of both parties are met then age is of course the last thing in your mind. Dating a sugar momma 20 years older to you is neither necessarily right nor wrong. But, of course if you’re a minor the legal concerns are evident.sugar momma

A 30’s something woman dating a man in his 50s is quite common, but a 50s older lady dating a guy in the 30s can be a rare sight; however, that happens. If the age difference concerns you, then just explore the reasons why. Look at your life as a whole, do you miss something? Do your past relationships have had been rewarding? Was your childhood healthy? Were your parents active? Is it because of the motherly needs why you’re drawn to her? Do you behave in the same way as the other couples in public or you avoid showing a connection? Then there are other aspects as well. For instance, are you attracted to her since she’s well settled in life, which makes you feel safe? If you want children with the partner, would it be feasible? Sugar mamas might already have their children who have grown up and may not want to go through that phase again.

It is important to be honest with your own self as to what the reason is for you two to be together, especially when you’re out there to find a partner at a sugar momma site. There should be an open discussion regarding what you bring to the table as a younger partner and also be aware of the fact that you may be a temporary solution for mid-life crisis of the woman. Just try to think where are you both in each one’s respective lives? As a twenty something guy you still need to find out what you want in your life 20 years down the road. Consider what are your intentions from sugar momma dating and what you intend to gain from it. The age gap that exists in such relations is merely just a number for some people. It separates the growth and life experiences, while communication plays a big role in the 20-year age gap. Both people grew up in distinctive times that make for conflicting values and thoughts for subjects.

While one person has already built a stable career and wants to work towards reaching the highs from there, another partner is just venturing out to explore the opportunities. With someone that has already gained so much, the growth for the other person stops and they move into a life which has been created. If the relationship fails, the younger partner may have never had the opportunity to explore the skills competent enough to survive in the industry. Eventually, such a person will be jumping from one relationship to another looking for that lady who will take care of him. But, if the companionship remains steady, there’s a lot to learn from the sugar momma. She has been in the midst of all that chaos once in her career and can provide ample insight into what to do and how to carefully tread the waters. Having her company by your side will ensure that you realize what skills are necessary to ascertain achieving that top status you’re looking for.

Remember she is the successful lady and is a great resource when it comes to emulating the story in your own life. The mature woman is a guide who will take you through these scenarios and will help you perceive the best for your own self. So, you see sugar momma dating not just involves mingling with someone who has the riches but also getting to understand how she achieved all of that over the years. Experience is certainly the best teacher and she is out there with you to help being in the situation where all the action is.