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What is a Sugar Mama?

So many people are talking about sugar mamas, but not everyone really knows what a sugar mama is and what the difference is between a sugar mama and a cougar. If you’re considering becoming a sugar mama, or if you’re needing a sugar mama, it’s really important to be able to know what it is and what the difference between a sugar mama and a cougar is. Here is what exactly a sugar mama is, and all the other information that you need to be aware of, before you start dating a sugar mama, or becoming a sugar mama.

What a sugar mama really is

When you’re dating an older woman, it doesn’t mean that you’re dating a sugar mama. There’s really a big difference in dating a sugar mama.
A sugar mama is an older women that’s really rich. She is basically paying her toy boy to date her. She is the one who is paying for the date, and taking him to places what he normally can’t afford. She is also buying him expensive gifts that he normally could not afford. The toy boys that sugar mamas are looking for, are mostly young, energetic men that’s really a lot younger than the women.sugar momma
Normally, she isn’t looking for a long term relationship, and is really just looking for someone that she can spoils and take out on dates. Most of the time, they are lonely and looking for love.
However, there’s some sugar mamas that really does want to have a long term relationship and even want to have a marriage and some children. Toy boys should make sure if the sugar mama that they want to start dating, is the perfect match for them, and that she is looking for the same things in life as him.

The difference between a sugar mama and a cougar

Not many people really realize that there’s a big difference between a sugar mama and a cougar. You know now that a sugar mama is a rich, older woman that likes to date younger men, and she is paying for everything and buying him expensive gifts. A sugar mama is the one spoiling the toy boy, and he doesn’t need to have any money for spoiling her.
A cougar is a lot different. A cougar is still an older woman dating a younger man, but with the big difference that the older women aren’t rich and don’t have as much money as the sugar mama. The younger man and the older women dating, are more about attraction than about money.
There’s also a lot more cougars that’s looking for a long term relationship, and not just want to have a good time, with someone that still has a lot of energy.

Where you can find a sugar mama

If you’re wanting to find a “great sugar momma for me”, you want to know where you can find sugar mamas. You can just go to your normal nightclubs and think that you’re going to find a sugar mama there. You need to know exactly where you can find a sugar mama that will be a great match for you.
The first place where you can start looking for a sugar mama, is by going to an expensive and luxury nightclub where just the elite people hanging out. She will not go to just any nightclub, because she has the money to pay for the more expensive nightclubs.
Not many sugar mamas will go to just any bar also. Bar’s isn’t the place where older, rich women will hang out. Except, if this is a classy bar for the rich and famous. Then, you will be at the right place.
However, if you don’t want to go out to find your sugar mama, you don’t have to think that you will never be able to find your sugar mama. There’s many great and trustworthy websites, where you can also go to, to be able to search for the best sugar mama for you. Sugar mama websites, is everywhere, and no matter where in the world you’re living, you will find a website full of profiles from sugar mamas, wanting to date younger, good looking toy boys.
The only thing that you should be aware of, when you’re using the Internet to find your sugar mama, is that the website should be a legit, and trustworthy online dating site. Don’t just use any site, not everyone is legit and can’t be trusted with your personal information.

Why older women become a sugar mama

Just like there’s many reasons why a toy boy wants to start dating a sugar mama, there’s also some great reasons why a women become a sugar mama. Here’s some of the best reasons why a sugar mama, wants to start dating a toy boy, rather than dating a man their own age.

  • Younger man has lots more energy than older man, and they are so much better and fitter in the bedroom.
  • Older men, have their way of doing things in a specific way, and not every woman likes doing stuff the way their man does. Dating younger men, means that they don’t have a specific way of doing things, and is willing to change their ways to suit the older women.
  • Younger man or toy boys is a lot more fun to go out with. They will be able to keep up with any sugar mama. Normally, sugar mamas has more energy than the women with the same age. And, dating older man, means staying home more often. And not only that, there are more and more wealthy older men looking for beautiful young women on the sugar daddy dating site.

If you need a sugar mama, and want to start dating sugar mamas, you should make sure that you know everything around sugar mamas. Otherwise, you will not be able to find a sugar mama. These women have a specific needs that they want their toy boys to provide, and the sugar mamas is willing to pay for it. It’s really important to know what a sugar mama is, and what the difference between a sugar mama and a cougar is, before you can start sugar mama dating.

How to Land a Rich Sugar Mama for Young Students

We hear so much about the lifestyles that toy boys have, when they have a great sugar mama. Not everyone knows exactly how to get a sugar mama where you can get everything that you need.
And, if you’re a young student, you also might wonder where to find a sugar mama, if you’re not interested in dating someone your own age. Here’s some great tips on how a young student, or anyone else can get a great sugar mama, and where you can find a sugar mama, without any problems.

Use Sugar Momma Dating Site

The first thing that you can do, if you want to start dating a sugar mama, as you should know where to find a sugar mama. These kind of women aren’t just available everywhere. You need to know where to start looking.
The easiest and best way where you can find a great sugar mama, is by making use of technology. Use the internet and sugar momma dating sites. There you will be able to find the best, and rich sugar momma. There’s many different websites where you can start looking for your sugar mama. You can search and find someone that’s near where you live, and you can take it from there.

Be social

If you don’t like using the internet and dating sites to find your sugar mama, you need to become a lot more social and start going out to places where you might find the sugar mama of your dreams. Remember that these women are a lot older than you, so you can’t go to clubs and bars and think that you’re going to find the riches women there.
You need to do your homework and know where to go to find the older type of women. If you’re going to bars and nightclubs, then you should make sure that you’re going to the bars and nightclubs for the rich and famous people. Most definitely not any cheap bars where everyone hangs out.

Dress to impress

The way you look, will depend on if you’re going to get your sugar mama or not. It’s important to know how to dress, so that you can show the older ladies, that you’re know how to dress like a toy boy. Older women don’t want to have a younger man, dressing like a child. Then, when you’re going on dates, people might just think that you’re going out with your mother. And, this is the last thing that she would want.
Dressing the correct way, will make sure that you’re sending out the right messages. Please, don’t dress in the latest outrageous fashion statements when you’re seeking a sugar mama. Dress more modern, but yet stylish enough to be able to date older women.

Start buying her gifts

She might be rich, but every woman likes getting some gifts also. You can start buying her flowers or something special, every time you’re going out. Getting a sugar momma, doesn’t mean that you will not need to spend any money. It is important to know what she likes and how she wants to be treated to feel safe and secure with you and your relationship.
In the beginning of this type of relationship, you as the man, are still going to pay for the dates and gifts. She will tell you when she is ready to start taking you out and paying for the dates. She might even want to go to the more expensive dates, and then it’s normally her that pay for the night.

Don’t talk about wealth

Even if you know that she is a sugar mama, with too much money, you don’t ever talk about her money. There is one good reason for this. She wants to know that you like her for who she is, before she will be ready to start giving money and expensive gifts to sugar momma
You can start with talking to her and making her feel special and wanted. The money and gifts come after you start dating. Don’t think that you’re going to go up to her and say “I like your money, sugar mama”. This most definitely won’t work on anyone. Not even if you’re exactly the guy she has been looking for.

Be supportive

When you and your sugar mama starts talking and start seeing each other, it’s really important to be supportive to her problems and her career. Every woman needs to have the support from her man, no matter what type of relationship you’re having.
The more supportive you’re going to be, the better the chance for you to get a relationship with her and becoming her toy boy. This is actually what everything is all about. You finding a rich, older woman that you can spend time with, for money and getting expensive gifts.

Watch how you treat her

To be able to get a sugar mama, you need to watch how you treat her. She is a lady and wants to be treated like a lady. Especially, if you want to start getting free and expensive stuff from her.
The moment that you’re starting to treat her bad, and not treat her with respect, no matter if you’re home or going out, she will ditch you, really fast and you’re going to lose your sugar mama. She wants to feel needed and special. Even in the bedroom. With dating an older woman, you really need to watch how you treat her. She maybe had a previous relationship where she was treated badly, and will not tolerate it from a younger man. Especially, from her toy boy.
There’s many benefits in dating sugar mamas, but then you need to know how to get the sugar mama, and where to start looking. Sugar mamas can pay for everyone that she wants, and if you want to be a toy boy, you need to make sure you know how to behave to become an older woman’s date. Finding the right sugar mama can be hard, but with just some research, you might be able to find a sugar mama, without any problems.

Top 10 tips for dating sugar mamas

It’s a fact that up to this moment, relationship between rich older women and young hot men is still controversial, but since 2009 sugar dating has become more and more prevalent compared to as it were 10 or 15 years ago. There could be various reasons why a hot young college student or an unemployed sexy young man opts for sugar mommas which also called ‘rich cougar‘. Whatever your motivation is, make sure that you know what you are doing when dating your rich sugar momma.

Top 10 tips for dating a sugar momma

So, you’ve finally decided to date a successful older woman, now what? These tips for dating a sugar momma will help you:

1.Don’t be late-It’s your first date so you better be there on time. Be excited as she is and make sure you wear your killer smile!

2.Give your sugar momma 100% attention- sugar mommas are looking for attention, so give all the attention they need, after all, you are not dating her to check out with other cougars. So, make her happy by listening and building rapport.
great sugar momma dating tips

3.Be in demand, don’t demand- So you are lucky enough to meet a hot rich sugar momma, now what? You have to stay in demand—don’t be too complacent, people change their mind as easy as 1 2 3, so while you are dating your sugar momma, make sure you still look the same as you were the first time she met you—sexy hot young man. Don’t demand for her attention, be her attention by being in demand.

4.Be always on the go- sugar mommas love to be with people who will make them feel younger, so be energetic and always on the move. If she asks to go on hiking, go! If she prefers mountain climbing, why not? Lift when you gotta lift and run a few miles.

5.Set her expectation- while sugar mommas have different intentions, it is a must to set your limit the first time you meet. Finding a sugar momma that will accept your limitation is very important. So set her expectations and tell her the things that you can and cannot do.

6.Be honest and confident- being honest with what you have and what you don’t have is “confidence” and this is what mostly older woman-seeking sugar babies is looking for. Be honest with your age and your attainment. It’s not new to hear you are a college dropout or a fast food crew or you are a college student needing allowance in exchange for companion—they all knew all this right at the start. So don’t lie, for your sake!

7.Sugar dating is not just about sex- people have this misconception that sugar dating is only about sex same as having sex in exchange for cash or gifts. It is undeniable that sex is a big part of sugar dating but it is far beyond that. While it is on the table, it is not a given thing because sugar mommas have different motivations. A lot of them just want someone to talk to in exchange of valuable things.

8.Respect your sugar momma- though there are a lot of confusions about sugar momma dating sugar babies, don’t fall into that trap. Sugar momma needs your respect too because they are also human, it’s just that they prefer to be with younger men who can satisfy their needs sexually, emotionally and psychologically.

9.Respect yourself- admit it, you are a sugar baby the moment you get into this kind of relationship. This is your lifestyle now so don’t be embarrassed of what you are doing in exchange of some monetary (and other) benefits. Respect yourself to get some respect. After all, you are not just doing this for money, you are doing this to enjoy life with your sugar momma—someone who can satisfy you financially, emotionally and take you to where you’ve never been before and live your life to the fullest.

10.Learn to hold back- it is not bad to fall in love with your sugar mama but it would be wiser not to especially if you knew that she’s not into long term relationship. Don’t hurt yourself; learn to hold back your feelings to avoid resentment. This type of relationship has boundaries agreed by both parties.

Well, I’m sure that these 10 tips for dating a sugar momma will help you succeed in your sugar dating lifestyle. Remember, you must be prepared and flexible at all times.